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SABNEO™ Sabers: A Fusion of Technology and Craftsmanship

Dive into the universe of SABNEO sabers, where technology and craftsmanship combine to create extraordinary experiences.

Our proprietary RGB and PIXEL sabers, powered by our in-house developed SB-V7 and SB-V8 soundboards, are far from the usual - setting us apart from the resellers that flood the market.

lightsaber sabwars
  • Made For Dueling

  • Infinity Modifiable Lights Colors

  • Laser Synchronized Sound (SMOOTH SWING 2.0)

  • Rechargeable Battery With 5 Hours of Autonomy

SABNEO™ Sabers: Ignite Your Adventure

Explore our unique saber collection: V7 WARRIOR, V7 RGB 2.0 LUNAR, V8 Original, and the V8 Alpha 2.0 - each with their own story and capabilities.

Immerse in infinite colors, experience the new Smooth Swing 2.0 (with accent swing), and witness the brilliance of our upgraded soundboards SB-V7 2.0 and SB-V8 2.0..

We are the first saber brand to offer a 2-year warranty, as opposed to the standard one-year warranty offered by most of our competitors on the market!


While both our SABNEO V7 RGB and SABNEO V8 PIXEL 2.0 sabers deliver an impressive performance, there are some key differences between the two:

1. Illumination: Our V7 RGB saber, powered by our SB-V7 soundboard, uses traditional LED technology to produce a range of colors from the top of the hilt. On the other hand, our V8 PIXEL 2.0, a Pixel saber, uses advanced LED strip technology for blade illumination, resulting in a brighter and more evenly lit blade.

2. Color Options and Effects: With the RGB saber, you can switch between different colors, but the whole blade will be the same color at any given moment. The Pixel saber, however, can display a multitude of colors at the same time and can simulate effects like blade scrolling and blaster bolt deflection.

3. Soundboard Features: The V7 model comes equipped with our SB-V7 soundboard, while the V8 PIXEL 2.0 model uses our more advanced SB-V8 2.0 soundboard for a more immersive experience.

Please remember that both models have their own strengths, and the choice depends on your personal preference for brightness, color variation, battery life, and the type of visual effects you prefer.

Yes, our SABNEO™ sabers are made to withstand Fights, the blade is made of tough Optical Polycarbonate, it also protects the user (no debris).

A soundboard, also known as a saber board, is a vital component of a modern saber. This electronic device, nestled within the hilt, generates the authentic sounds associated with the saber's operations such as the hum it produces while active and the impact sounds when it collides with another object.

Our SB-V8 2.0 soundboard sets a new industry standard with its ability to simultaneously play three different sounds through its three sound output channels - a feature that gives us an edge over competitors who typically offer only two channels.

Additionally, our soundboard comes with a highly sensitive motion sensor and the Smooth Swing 2.0 feature. This technology captures every nuance of movement, making your saber respond realistically to your actions. Together, these features significantly enhance the immersion and excitement of wielding a saber.

Yes, Our sabers are sold with a complete kit (USB charging cable, blade and a clamping tool). You will get a free connector with the purchase of two, so you can assemble them together.

We will send you a user manual in English to explain all the features (change color, volume, sound effect ...). .

Yes, we offer a free warranty for 2 years for all electronics. In case of problem, you contact our customer support by clicking on the help tab, we will analyze the situation together and we will send you a replacement part if it's really defective.

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